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  Monday, February 8, 2016  
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Wolves Soccer Club Group Picture!

Wolves would like to set up a group picture with all the players who played in the Indoor 2014-2015 season and the Outdoor 2015.

This also includes all coaches!

The Group Picture will take place on:

April 17th 2016 at the GP Regional College for 1:00pm

All Players Must Wear Their Wolves Tracksuit

We ask everyone to meet at Parking lot F 15 mins before in order to set everyone up with their team and in the stands.


New to WSC U10 Program 

New to WSC U10 Program this year is consistent developmental training. This will take place on a regular basis and consist of 7 sessions total for each gender and be conducted by a qualified certified coach for each session. This will be open to all players who attended WSC U10 tryouts and allow them to still develop as a part of the WSC program in a positive manner and appropriate manner. 

 Wolves U10 Girls Training sessions will be held at Pitch 2 from 5:00pm-6:00pm on:

Feb 10


Wolves U10 Boys Training Sessions will be held at Pitch 2 from 5:00pm-6:00pm on:

Feb 4, Feb 18


Wolves Soccer Club Team Lists

WSC U10 Girls Red

WSC U10 Girls Black

WSC U10 Boys Red

WSC U10 Boys Black

WSC U12 Girls

WSC U12 Boys Red

WSC U12 Boys Black

WSC U14 Girls

WSC U14 Boys Red

WSC U14 Boys Black

WSC U16 Girls

WSC U16 Boys

WSC U18 Girls

WSC U18 Boys

   The Wolves Soccer Club adheres to a strict 48 hour rule. If you have question or concerns related to team selection, please wait 48 hours before contact the Wolves Board or Wolves Coaches

U10-U14 girls and boys must be registered in Indoor Minor Soccer 2015-2016 in order to play Wolves. 

U16, and U18 DO NOT need to play Minor Soccer to play Wolves.

Wolves no longer offers the U8 catergory




Registration Fee Indoor 2015-2016

U10 Girls - $325.00

U10 Boys - $370.00

U12 Girls - $370.00

U12 Boys - $420.00

U14 Girls - $400.00

U14 Boys - $400.00

U16 Girls - $355.00

U16 Boys - $380.00

U18 Girls - $355.00

U18 Boys - $310.00

**The Fee's Now Include 25 Hours of Pitch Time** 



Jackets are $50.00

Pants are $50.00

Shorts are $30.00



























































































U12 Girls Red - July Classic 2015


U12 Girls finish off the season winning the Gold Medal!


U12 Boys Combine - Moon Day Tournament 2015


U12 Boys decided to combine the two wolves teams and head to Spruce Grove to finish off the season. The boys bring back the Silver Medal!


U12 Girls red - Moon Day Tournament 2015


U12 Girls win the Silver Medal in Spruce Grove!


U10 Girls Black - Slurpee Cup 2015


The Wolves U10 Girls Black won the bronze this past weekend at the Slurpee Cup in Edmonton. The girls played with heart and grit all weekend showing the big cities what GP is made of! Way to go girls!


U10 Girls Red - Slurpee Cup 2015


U10 girls Red played with a lot of heart and battled hard to come home with a bronze medal at the 2015 slurpee cup this passed weekend.


 U12 Girls Red - Slurpee Cup 2015


Congradulations to the U12 Girls for bringing home the Bronze medal in Tier 2 for their first tournament of the season!


U14 Girls - Victoria Day Classic 2015


The U14 Girls traveled to St. Albert for the Victoria Day Classic Soccer Tournament and returned home with the Silver medal in Tier 2!



Registration Fee Break Down

U10 WSC = 2 Tournaments

U12 WSC = 3 Tournaments

U14, U16/U18 WSC = 3-4 Tournaments


Registration Fee's will cover TA Sessions, Coach Development, Tournaments, Friendlies, Jerseys, Equipment, Pitch Time, and Administration.


Created by: Aneta Skurski -- Last updated:Jan 28, 2016

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