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  Tuesday, May 30, 2017  
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 Welcome to Grande Prairie Soccer

Associations History:







The Grande Prairie Soccer Association (GPSA) is a non-profit organization responsible for fostering the growth and development of soccer for children, youth, and adults in the city of Grande Prairie.

Soccer has been a part of Grande Prairie for many years. In the past, the minor, men's, and women's leagues were renting from school gyms and other indoor facilities and fields that were made available to them through the city and schools.

The GPSA was formed as a society in 1996 to represent all of soccer in Grande Prairie. GPSA continually strives to promote soccer for all ages while developing soccer members and meeting their growing needs.

In 2000, with the assistance of the City of Grande Prairie and the Rotary Club, the Grande Prairie's Soccer Association opened it first outdoor soccer building to accommodate players and spectators during the games on Rotary Fields.

In 2001, with partnership from the City of Grande Prairie, our association opened its first indoor soccer facility. This enabled GPSA to meet the needs of its steadily growing membership while providing opportunities for other user groups to utilize our facility.

Steady growth over the past 10 years has let to GPSA having almost 2500 soccer playing members. With steady increase of soccer players, the volunteer base has grown as well, to exceed over 250 volunteers who include coaches, league commissioners, and board members. The player and volunteer membership utilizes both the indoor and outdoor facilities.

Our association constantly strives to improve our facilities and program for our membership. With your support our association can keep costs for families low while in turn generating more interest and opportunities for soccer in Grande Prairie.

Mission Statement:

The Grande Prairie Soccer Association's mission is to govern and promote the sport of soccer and to continually foster its
growth and development throughout the city of Grande Prairie.”


 Goals and Objectives:


To provide and maintain the administrative, technical, and financial structures that will allow us to competently govern all indoor and outdoor soccer activities in Grande Prairie.

To ensure that reasonably priced soccer participation opportunities are available for all age groups, for both females and males, at the individual participant's level of ability.

To access all potential sources of revenue that will enable us to carry out our mission, while maintaining sound fiscal management policies that will develop and safeguard the Association's equity.

To support and competently participate in Inter-District, Provincial, and National programs where applicable for player, coach, and referee development.

To continually educate the media and public in Grande Prairie and area about the sport of soccer.

To continually support the provision, acquisition, and construction of quality indoor and outdoor soccer facilities throughout Grande Prairie to meet the needs of our members.

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