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  Monday, July 25, 2016  
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Indoor 2016/2017

Important Documents:

GPSA Referee Guidelines

Referee Resources (Rules of the Game) 


Entry Level  Course - TBD (2 Day Course)

9:00pm-5:00pm at Rotary

  • For individuals who have not refereed before or who have let their referee registration lapse
  • If a participant attends the course and passes the exam, they'll be added to the list of eligible referees in Alberta
  • Successful course participants receive their referee designation based on age:Youth who turn 14 who previously took a one day Youth Course (for U10 games or lines), must take the Entry Level course to transition to the Youth District Level
    • 14 and 15 year old = Youth District referee
      • Youth district referees must be at least two years older than the age group they are officiating
    • 16 years and older = District referee
      • District referees may referee and be assistant referee for all age groups

Please note – the Annual referee registration fees are included in the cost of the Entry Level course. Referees must begin renewing their registration annually every year after completing the Entry Level course.

to register click here

Refresher (Indoor) - TBD (Half Day Course)

6:00pm-10:00pm at Rotary Fields

  • All referees must attend a refresher course prior to each season they wish to officiate in (starting the season after they first take the entry level course)
  • Referees are not eligible to officiate unless they’ve attended a refresher (and completed the pre-refresher questionnaire)
  • Participants will receive their FIFA Laws of the Game at the refresher

Log in to your Refcentre account to search for Refresher Courses. Note - you must have paid your registration for the current year, and must complete the Refresher Questionnaire prior to signing up for a Refresher Course.

Indoor Conversion TBD (1 Day Course)

9:00am-5:00pm at Rotary Fields

  • This course is for referees who have taken the Entry Level course previously and want to referee indoor soccer.

Log in to your Refcentre account to search for Conversion Courses. Note - you must have paid your registration for the current year, prior to signing up for a Conversion Course.


 The Season:
  • Program coordinators in the GPSA office will assign middle and box referees for all soccer leagues 
  • The U12/16 leagues' season will run from October-February
  • The senior leagues will play October-February

GPSA hosts:

Lions Den Red Eye Tournament (1st weekend of January) - Senior Tournament

Ernie`s Rock Around the Clock Tournament (1st weekend of May) - Youth Tournament

Your Schedule:
You will be scheduled according to your availablity on the Arbiter Sports.

If You Cannot Make it to Your Assigned Game

  • If you are unable to fulfill an assignment and it is a weekend, or last minute, you are responsible for finding a replacement
  • A list of all the other referees registered in Grande Prairie is available by contacting Aneta at the GPSA office.
  • Your replacement must be your age or older, and must have attained the same level of refereeing (or higher) as yourself.
  • If you are unable to make a game during the week, please call the office at least 2 days in advance at 780-513-9525 or email 
  • The office is not open after 4:30pm or on weekends so it is most important you notify us by noon on Friday if it is a weekend game. 

How You Get Paid:

Referees are paid once a month. The cut off dates for each month is below.   Cheques for the Indoor Season will be mailed unless you have direct deposit. Please contact the GPSA office if you need a direct deposit form or drop off a bank form and Void Cheque. If yoou would like your cheque mailed out to you please send an email with your complete address.

How Much You Get Paid - Outdoor 2016:

U10 - Referee $15.00
U12 - Referee $17.00
U14 - Referee $19.00
U16 - Referee $27.00
Senior - Middle $50.00
Senior - Lines $25.00

GPSA calculates pay based on assignments:



  Deposits will be:

1st - last day of the month



  15th of next month (Direct Bill)

We operate referee payments as dirrect deposit, if you chose not to use direct deposit your cheque will be available at the earliest possible date not earlier than the 15th at the GPSA office in the Referee Mail pick up box. Please remember there is a cheque process and volunteer members are not always available at our request before the 15th.

You will be paid based on GPSA's record of assignments.  This means referees cannot switch shifts/games without notifying Aneta via email so our records are adjusted and proper payment goes out. Referee Contact: Aneta-

What to Wear:
Referees and Assistant Referees are expected to dress appropriately at all games. Referee jerseys must be worn.  Black shorts and socks are required.   

What if You Have a Problem?
If you have a serious problem with a coach, player or spectator, it is important that you make note of the situation as soon as you are able to. Put your concerns down in writing, with as much detail as possible, and send it to the GPSA office to Aneta's attention at your earliest opportunity or email it to   GPSA will then be better able to deal with the issue, and get it resolved quickly. GPSA will not tolerate abusive behavior toward referees.
What do you do if you give out a Red Card?
If you give out a red card it is mandatory to fill out the Misconduct Report. After you complete the form email it to


  League  Referee Assignor 
Aneta Skurski                                                   
11319 105 St Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7P1         
Phone:780-513-9525 Fax: 780-532-3292              
District Referee Assistant:
Ken Loudon
Phone: 780-876-4688

Alberta Soccer Association
Referee Registration - to renew license
Referee Coordinator

203, 9440 - 49 St.
Edmonton, AB  T6B 2M9
Phone 780-474-2200
Fax 780-474-6300 

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