Grande Prairie Soccer Association
  Thursday, August 27, 2015  
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Important Dates


Second Round of Summer

Indoor Starts

Sun. August 09, 2015


Indoor Summer Season


Thur. September 17, 2015


2015 Fall Team Registration &

Deposits Due Date

Mon. September 07, 2015


Tentative 2015 AGM Date

Wed. September 16, 2015 




















August 07, 2015

Drag Wars
I would also like to ad that the shifts could be split to just one day as well. We could use any help available and the “donation” could then be split. Sat or Sun
Hi, My name is Angela Dingeldein, and I am with the NPBRA / Drag Wars.
At this time I am putting a last ditch effort to gather volunteers for our event, and I have searched high and low for contact info on any possible group that may be interested in helping.
We have had an unfortunate drop out of 3 organizations, and hence the pleas now.
We presently have 2 positions open, looking for non-profit groups who are in need as well, and who could benefit from this as well, as us.
Garbage collection – needed, 4-6 volunteers Friday night to do a clean sweep before the action Sat morning. Saturday 10am-9pm (12 people total, 6 on shift at a time). Sunday 10am-6pm (12 people total, 6 on a shift)
Although I am not at liberty to make promises, In the past this position has paid $3000.00 plus all bottle monies collected. Garbage bags, gloves and equipment provided. Teens to adults
Parking – needed, 6 on at all times,  Saturday 8am-7pm, Sunday 8am-4pm. late teens to adults
In the hopes that you are interested or have any further questions, please do contact me, and I will happy to answer any questions
Thank you
Angela Dingeldein























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