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  Tuesday, July 26, 2016  
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HOW TO MAKE SOCCER PICTURE A GREAT EXPERIENCE ( please read all the way to bottom)



Bring with you: 


- A pen, there are pens available at the center table but having one speeds up the process.

- An idea as to how many pictures you are going to want to order so you can fill out the order form. Picture packages begin at $15 with a memory mate (individual picture and   team picture together)
- $50 Cheques, for family volunteer bond and U12-U14 Jersey deposits, dated June 30, 2014
- Indoor shoes, no outdoor footwear allowed on the pitch
* No food or beverages allowed on the pitch
* Coaching/Assisting are not required to pay $50 Volunteer bond


Picture night Instructions:


  1. The time you are given is your arrival time, we have already anticipated time to get ready. PLEASE DO NOT ENCOURAGE PARENTS TO COME EARLIER AS THERE WILL BE ALOT OF PEOPLE IN THE SOCCER PITCH AT ANY TIME. Let the parents know to dress the child in their soccer gear:  Black or dark Shorts, soccer socks, indoor running shoes. Shin guards will be necessary for playing soccer but are not necessary for pictures. They will recieve their childs jersey on picture night.

    When you arrive go the the table in front of the goal area, tell them your age group, team number and color and they will give you your information package and jerseys for your team.
  2. When it is time for your team to get ready, listen for the coordinator in the middle of the pitch to call your team number and color.  She will direct you as to where to meet the rest of your team.  There are many groups coming and going, so just be patient and feel free to ask directions as to where your group is, please go to the table in front of the goal area or by the entrance gate if you have questions.  Also, there may be more than one group with the same team color so listen for the age group, number and color, so you meet up with your correct teammates.
  3. Each time a different team  is called a sheet will be placed on the wall with the age group, number and color of team on it, a designated volunteer will be at each space along the boards and help you get your teams organized.   
  4. There will be an updated copy of your team roster in the envelope you are given, please confirm the kids on your team are on your roster. Give the parents the childs jersey and a picture order envelope ( picture envelopes already have the childs name on it). Have the childrenp put the jersey on and fill out the picture order envelope. Remind parents to make sure their childs name is spelled correctly as names do appear on some of the pictures. Payments for pictures by cash, Visa/MC or cheque made payable to R&R Photo. The team pictures are used to thank the season sponsors.
  5. The parent should be giving you a $50.00 Volunteer Bond Deposit. This is only one per family was ask that they give it to the youngest childs coach. Cheques are to be made out to: GPMSA and dated: June 30, 2013. We will provide you with a list to check off that they have given you the volunteer bond, anyone who volunteers thorough the season will get it back.
  6. U12-U14 players will also have to provide a jersey deposit cheque. Cheques for jersey deposits are to be made out to: GPMSA and dated: June 30, 2014 
  7. Once your group is ready, they will be lined up shortest to tallest shirts must be tucked in and will have their picture order envelope in their hands.  A runner will come and get the team to take them to the picture taking area on the right side or left side of the pitch.  Coaches are to go have their picture taken with their team. 
  8. It would be ideal if each team has at least 2 coaches, co-coaches or assistants, if your team only has one please ask parents step up and help out, this does count as your seasons volunteer bond. If at anytime of the seson you are unable to attend please speak to the parents of the children and ask one to help out in your absence.

    Before you leave the indoor soccer pitch please return all extra jerseys as well as volunteer deposits and jersey deposits to the table in from of the goal. Upstairs in the bleachers you will also sign out your teams equipment bag and net for the season, a parent volunteer will collect them at the end of your last playoff game of the season.

    Other pertinent information:


  1. Pictures will be given to you to hand out at one of your games as soon as they are available, a volunteer will deliver them to you.  If there is a problem with pitcures please contact Christine 780-513-9525
  2. Timbits jerseys are the childs to keep.
  3. U12 - U14 Jerseys are to be returned to you or at the indoor soccer center after your year end tournament.A parent volunteer will be at your last game of your season end tournament to collect jerseys and give back jersey deposits.
  5. First game will  be on April 26, starting with U4 and U6
  6. There is a Season End tournment scheduled for June 20-22
  7. Outdoor Field maps can also be found online.
  8. GPMSA does not cancel Outdoor soccer for weather, unless there is lightning. If there is a cancellation an email will be sent and it will  be on 93.1 ans Q99 radio stations.
  9. No Alternate picture days will be arranged

    Access to your team roster, contacts and email addresses are available online through the GPSA members area, if you do not already have a log in you can set one up. If you have any issues doing so please let me know.

    I hope everyone has a great season and if at any time you have questions, concerns or suggestions please send me an email

Created by: Christine Donovan -- Last updated:Feb 10, 2014

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